Seamless Rain Gutter Installation

Lasting distinction with Copper Gutters

Aged Patina for your rustic home makes for a classic look

Copper has been used in making gutters for years and still provides a beautiful look and long lasting rain management system. Depending you your local climate copper gutters will first turn from the bright orange to a dull brown. At around five years old your gutter will begin to achieve the patina that aged copper is known for. If you can’t wait for nature to run its course, there are chemicals that can create this patina effect if applied properly.

Most copper gutters can last a homeowners lifetime providing they are taken care of. They are very durable and will not corrode as fast as aluminum, zinc or galvanized.

There is some downside to using copper gutters.

The expense for installing copper gutters can be ten times as much as aluminum or vinyl. The typical homeowner may find installation very difficult. Soldering is required for gutter seams, outlets and endcaps. Copper in contact with other metals can cause damage to both metals. When choosing hangers, if you don’t use copper, use brass hangers and copper pop rivets with brass pins.

Choices for your copper gutter system

Copper gutters come in different sizes and styles suitable for your architecture. K-style, half-round and light to heavy gauge copper offer varied choices, with typical sizes running from 4-8inches. Downspouts can be corrugated, square or round tubes. Gutter hangers and straps for downspouts are available in bronze and provide a nice contrast. Copper leader boxes provide an appealing look while adding functionality to your system.

Deciding whether your home’s architecture will be enhanced by copper patina is a big decision. If you can afford to have them installed or do it yourself, copper gutters will prove their worth
in exterior home appeal and longevity.