Seamless Rain Gutter Installation

Fascia combines with soffits below your gutter

Protect and brighten your home with quality faceboards

Soffit and fascia are vital in preserving your faceboard, rafters, rakeboards and roof eaves.exterior side view soffit and fascia Fascia will protect your
home’s exterior from wetness, rot, pests and structural damage while providing low maintenance and care. No longer
will you have to scrape old chipped paint to prepare your rakeboards and fascia for a fresh coat.

Most fascia is made of either aluminum or vinyl and most homeowners will keep the material consistent regarding gutters,
soffit and fascia. Different colors are also available to match your home.

Use a break to make your own aluminum fascia

The contractor or homeowner will install your fascia flush against your faceboard and behind your gutters while also covering rakeboards
if desired. If your home has drip edge, the fascia should be slid underneath the bottom lip to ensure total coverage.
If you are going with aluminum fascia, you can either buy pre-formed or you can create your own custom fascia sizes
using a tool called a break. A break is basically a long workbench like bending tool used for bending metals. Often times small bends are
made with hand benders. When installing fascia, the pieces are lapped and usually tacked with aluminum nails either high up on rakeboards and faceboards or
they are tacked on the underneath lip of the faceboard where fascia has been installed on a home with existing gutters.

When replacing your gutters or roof be sure to enquire about fascia. It’s relatively low cost and care free maintenance are well worth
preventing damage from the weather and years of wear to your home.