Seamless Rain Gutter Installation

Choosing Gutter Guard for you system

Cost efficient gutter covers for easy maintenance

Do you live in a wooded area? Do your gutters clog with leaves, pine needles and sticks often cuasing your gutters to overflow? You’re a perfect candidate
for gutter guard. Gutter protection comes in a myriad of sizes, shapes and functionality these days. Three of the
simplest forms of gutter guard are

  • Hinged
  • Drop-In
  • Snap-In

You can find gutter covers made of aluminum, copper, galvanized and plastic(pvc). They will fit most styles of gutter including
K-style and Half-Round. The above styles provide a cheap solution for your protection needs while still performing their task.

Installing your gutter guard is simple

The only tools you will need are a tape measure, snips and possibly drill and zip screws if needed.
Each kind can be cut to your desired size while there are different aspects for each.

Hinged gutter guard usually snaps onto the front lip of your gutter while resting on hinges, spikes or the back of your gutter. It has the nice
feature of being able to flip up which makes cleaning gutters easier. Standard gutter guard of this type will usually fit
5-6 inch gutter while it comes in 36 inch lengths.

Drop-in gutter guard is usually slipped into the front lip of a K-style gutter while it rests on spikes and hangers or the back of the gutter. Some
gutter guard of this style can be placed under the first row of roof shingles if needed. Drop-In guard can also be installed
on top of the front lip with zip screws, although it is not recommended for high visibility areas.

Snap-In gutter guard is made of plastic, pvc or vinyl and is best suited for vinyl gutters, however some people will use it
with aluminum gutter. Perforated and solid are available for snap-ins which are mostly used on K-style due to the front lip for attaching.

The most important thing about the gutter guard you choose is that it works properly. It doesn’t have to be big
and fancy with a trademark name. Often times cheap, plain and simple work best. You will still need to clean and inspect your gutters, however, the hinged,
drop-in and snap-in gutter guard will make your job easier.