Seamless Rain Gutter Installation

Ladder Safety and Home exterior tips

Find Quality and Stability in your Ladders!

Working on your gutters and house exterior poses safety concerns for the do-it-yourself homeowner.
Many precautions and common sense can prevent a disaster from happening. From ladder safety to tips
and things to watch for, we’d like to keep you from beating up your house and your home from beating up you!

Safely working with a ladder

  • Whenever possible have someone hold a ladder at the base.
    Use wood blocks and stakes at the foot of your ladder to level and stabilize it.
    Stay clear of power lines.
    Use a standoff or stabilizer if needed.
    When leaning your ladder against your gutters, try and keep it over gutter spikes or hangers to prevent crushing.
    Tie off your ladder with rope or a bungy cord. Solid gutter spikes work great for this task. You’ll only need to get stranded on your roof once because the wind blew your ladder down befor you catch on to this tip!
    Make sure the fly hooks actually hook on your extension ladders.
    Never step or place weight on a ladder rung above the point where your ladder is resting against. This causes a fulcrum and will kick out the bottom of the ladder. This is a common cause of falls!

General tool tips and advice

  • Be extremely careful of wet surfaces.
    Don’t go on your roof in the middle of the day in Summer. You’ll only scuff and damage asphalt shingles. Cooler and more comfortable working conditions make for a job well done.
    Use cordless tools whenever possible.
    If you are using electrical power tools, be very aware of the cord. This can prevent trips, falls and sprained ankles from rolling it on the cord.
    To prevent extension cords and tool cords from coming undone, tie a simple knot with the cords before plugging together.
    Alleviate the constant pulling and tension from a long extension cord by tying it off somewhere. Soil pipes and vents often work nicely.
    Wear proper eye protection as needed.
    If your roof appears unstable, walk only on the rafters for best support. You can find the rafters by tapping on your roof from the ladder. The solid thud is the giveaway.

These ladder safety measures and tips are a good starting point. Remember to always read the manufacturers directions on tools and ladders.