Seamless Rain Gutter Installation

Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Choose from the many options to match your home galvanized gutter pile

One continuous length of gutter makes for a pleasant appearance, functionality and low maintenance. Though called seamless, there are seams on this style of gutter but they occur on the ends where a cap is placed and on the corners, sometimes called miters.

If you are installing seamless gutters there are options:

aluminum, embossed copper and the seldom used steel and galvanized colors thickness or guage of metal hangers or spikes and ferrules

When getting your gutter delivered, a truck with a gutter machine on the back will mold the metal coil into your seamless gutter in the length desired. Be sure to measure correctly !! Don’t end up with a pile of scrap aluminum! Measure across the fascia and tack on about 1/2 inch on each side to allow for the side
edging overhang.

If you know where your outlets are going, ask the contractor if they will punch your outlet holes for you. Typically they have a gutter outlet hole punch and this can be much easier than cutting the hole yourself.

If you are installing seamless gutter yourself (need at least two people), there are several tools and tips you’ll need.

Tools and Materials:

tape measure and a level
Drill with 1/4 inch hex bit
hammer, tin snips
gutter sealant and zip screws
end caps, outlets, spikes and ferrules

Basic steps and tips for “How To” hang aluminum seamless gutter:

Take accurate measurements and assemble your pieces along with miters(corners) and endcaps on the ground when possible. Start your gutter (non outlet end) as high as possible with the back up under the drip edging if possible. The most crucial point when hanging gutter is to be sure the water runs the right direction. Place your level inside the gutter or hold beneath the gutter. Be sure the bubble is favoring the right direction !! When spiking try to hit a rafter now and then or hit every one and your gutter will NEVER come down! You can find your rafters by gently tapping on your roof shingles with a hammer and listen for a solid thud. Mark on the edge of your shingle with a crayon ahead of time so you know where they are. Attach downspout to your seamless gutter with zip screws.  Although installing seamless gutter with spikes can be tough for a novice, we highly recommend it. Your water management will last much longer and your seamless gutters will always do their job.